About Mike Hutton

The vision to imagine a form. The craftsmanship to translate the vision into reality. And the artistry to add the extraordinary to the finished work.

Michael Hutton has demonstrated that he possesses all these qualities. As proof, he was recognized by his peers with the prestigious Diamond International Award-the bienially-given pinnacle of achievement that every jewelry artist hopes to achieve. His work was chosen from over 1250 carefully screened entries. After receiving the award, his work went on a tour, appearing in internationally-known galleries and famed jewelry stores.

In addition to this worldwide recognition, Hutton has been amply honored in the United States. Articles have appeared in a wide range of publications including Texas Monthly, Independent Jeweler, Jewelers' Circular Keystone, and Modern Jeweler.

He was commissioned to design bicentennial coins for Wichita Falls and Knox County, both of which went on the Freedom Train in 1976 and are on display at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. And in 1981, he was chosen to represent the prestigious Ducks Unlimited.

Working out of his Austin studio, he accepts commissions for a variety of pieces, including creations for both individuals and for organizations.

To see his artistry is to view the accomplishments of a true master of an exacting field of endeavour.